How to choose the perfect engagement ring

Congratulations, you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and ask the love of your life to be your wife.

But what about the engagement ring?; Should you buy one and surprise her, or do you think she’d prefer that you buy it together?

Whatever the case, here are just a few tips that will help you choose the perfect diamond engagement ring to announce to the world your commitment and your love.

  1. If you’re getting the ring as a surprise, think about the sort of jewelry your soon to be fiancé usually wears – especially rings of course. Does she like small, ‘quiet’ pieces surrounded by many small stones? Perhaps larger with a dazzling, ostentatious diamond? What sort of setting do you think she would prefer, gold, silver or platinum? Plain, decorated, filigree? If she’s untraditional, maybe consider a colored diamond in her favorite color rather than the tradition white diamond. What about her lifestyle? Does she play sports, cook or garden? This could influence your choice of ring setting.

  2. Try to get one of her friends or family to help you. Perhaps she’s mentioned in the past something about engagement rings (when she was hinting that it was about time that you popped the question).

  3. Obviously, you have to like the ring – but it’s her opinion that counts the most and you should remember this when looking at rings and making your final decision.

  4. Try to get one of her rings to get the right size of ring. You wouldn’t want to get a ring that either doesn’t fit or slips of her finger. Even though they can be resized, it would spoil the moment.

  5. Consider the cut! There are many different diamond shapes available, but not all are usually considered suitable for an engagement ring. Perhaps the most popular for a single, (solitaire) diamond engagement ring is the round cut. But if you’re considering a larger, more complicated setting, then a different cut might be the way to go. Remember, there are no rules other than it’s what she likes that counts!

  6. Conflict diamonds are a blight that ‘stain’ the most beautiful diamonds. Mined by what can only be called slaves to finance war and oppression, make sure that the dealer you get your ring from only sells conflict free diamonds.

  7. Return and repair policy. I know, I’m pouring cold water over you but, if the rings setting becomes loose or she doesn’t like the ring – can you return it and get it repaired or replaced?

  8. Get a gemological certificate for the diamond issued by a certified testing labratory. This attests to the diamond’s physical qualities and is your guarantee that you’re getting what you paid for.

  9. Shop around! Don’t jump in and get the first ring you see that you like. After all, this ring is going to cost you money and you want to get the best value possible – both of you deserve it.

  10. Finally, but by no means least – BUDGET. Yes I know, on such a happy occasion you don’t want to think about money. But hey, you have to (unless you’re a film star). Set yourself a budget and don’t go over it! Having a huge hole in your bank account that will take you months if not years to fill will spoil this occasion for you.

Buying from Couplez Diamonds ticks all the boxes:

  • We have a large collection of beautiful, unique diamond engagement rings in a dazzling array of cuts, settings and possibilities.

  • We have a unique ring sizing app so you can buy with confidence knowing that the ring will fit.

  • Couplez gives you a 30 day, unconditional, no questions asked, return policy – guaranteed!

  • Lifetime warranty and free repair even years after your original purchase.

  • Because we follow our stones from source, we can guarantee that they’re conflict free and provide gemological certificates.

  • Budget – we sell clarity enhanced diamond that can cost 50% less. These are real, quality natural diamonds that have been enhanced to disguise minor, microscopic blemishes. The look fantastic and cost a lot less! So now you can save money, or get a bigger diamond for the same price.

  • We have a team of dedicated and experienced customer reps who are waiting by the phone to answer all your questions and help you choose the perfect diamond engagement ring for the perfect woman in your life.

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