Everything you ever wanted to know about enhanced diamonds

When it comes to buying a diamond, then we want the very best that our budget will allow for.  But what if there was a way to make that budget stretch further.  Sounds interesting?  Read on…


If you have ever gone shopping for a piece of diamond jewelry, then you will almost certainly, at some stage or another, been introduced to ‘enhanced diamonds’.   Now, we’re sure that you were given an explanation about the significance of enhanced diamonds.  But when you’re about to spend thousands of dollars on a diamond ring, some earrings or any other piece of diamond jewelry, then the five minute explanation given you in a jewelry store  just doesn’t cut it!


That’s why we are providing you here with a series of articles that will give you a detailed, exact and accurate explanation of what exactly enhanced diamonds are and their significance when you come to purchase your next piece of diamond jewelry.


The articles are written in a clear style and for the layman.   So we’ll be avoiding to much professional jargon and scientific terminology – but the explanation will give you a much better understanding of this area and could save you thousands of dollars in your next purchasers.


Diamond Enhancements -   overview


Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat – the four C’s that determine a diamonds retail value – the price you pay in the store!  But there are other factors that influence a diamonds retail value.  One of these is the presence of flaws in the polished stone.


Most cut and polished diamonds have flaws.  These can range from microscopic cracks or defects to visible discolorations or fractures.  The larger and more visible the flaw, so the diamond’s value decreases and conversely, those diamonds with few flaws command much higher prices – often well out of the reach of most of us.


As we said at the start, it’s obvious and reasonable that you want to get the best value for the money you’ll be spending.  That’s where modern science comes into the picture.  Over the years, methods have been developed that can improve the characteristics of a natural cut and polished diamond.  It must be stressed that these enhancements improve the diamonds visual characteristics – they do not change any of the original characteristics that determined the stone’s value.


Treatments such as laser drilling to remove minor discolorations, fracture filling to make tiny internal cracks and fissures less obvious and color enhancing using irradiation are the three main methods used to visually enhance a diamond.


Treated diamonds can visually seem to be of a much higher quality.  Minor discolorations, inclusions, fissures may no longer be visible and overall the diamond could be compared to a top quality stone.  But, because the appearance change is visual only, so the diamond can cost as much as 40% less than the equivalent non-enhanced stone.


For the buyer on a budget (and who isn’t) this is a great opportunity to buy a genuine diamond that looks like a first grade stone for a fraction of the cost.


So, to see how the different enhancement techniques work and affect a diamond, go to the following links:


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