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Our Story

Love. It's the core of our being. The most powerful force known since the beginning of time. It's the feeling that touches us all. Welcome to Couplez, where love is our guide and your happiness is our goal. We believe that nothing is more beautiful than a happy couple. Two people that are bonded by love and although we know you can't put a price on love, we do believe we can help you make it even more sparkle. We make couples happy by bringing you designed, wonderful, coveted diamonds, ones that will simply last forever. We built our business on the main understanding that when you put your soul into anything, you can never go wrong and there's nothing greater for us than to receive a letter from a happy couple with that special ring around the finger.

Over the years we helped thousands of couples to fulfill their dreams. We don't only carry years of experience, but we also up to date with trends and changing fashions, although we always have the classics. In our one stop shop we provide you with top of the line quality and a winning combination of design, excellence and price, while exploring a large variety that is tailor made to each unique need. We invite you to start the rest of your journey with us. A journey of happiness, hope and most of all, love.

The process

Let us simplify it for you:

  • Each diamond is being chosen with great care and comes with its own Gemological certificate.
  • Then every piece is hand cut and polished to bring out the maximum sparkle and color, so it shines with all of its beauty.
  • The final stage is our strict quality assurance process. Each finished piece is carefully examined to ensure that the high standards have been met at every stage of the production process.
  • Then, and only then we know we are giving you the gift of perfection. Take care of it with love. We certainly did. 
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